Event Booth Photos

This page is reserved for booth photos from events to share with coordinators of additional events. To see upcoming events, check out our Events Page.

To view photos of our products, I recommend the shopping portion of this website, or the Colorways page, as well as our Instagram page.

January 2019 NOTE: Currently, booth photos are from prior to our rebranding. Our new standard setup no longer has the long banner with the brand name, instead it has a large, portrait oriented banner with our new logo that is displayed on our checkout counter/table. Our new setup also includes foam floor mats. 

We do accomodate odd booth shapes and improve our setup from show to show, because we're constantly making our display better.

Our staff now all wears coordinating branded t-shirts, to help customers identify who can answer questions and provide more cohesive branding.

For the newest look, check back after our (currently scheduled) next show on June 21, 2019.

East Texas Fiber Festival 2018
east texas fiber festival oneeast texas fiber festival twoeast texas fiber festival three
Last photo credit to Keri of East Texas Fiber Festival


Fiber Fun in the 'Sip 2018

fiber fun in the sip mississippi festival onefiber fun in the sip mississippi festival two


Twisted Yarns Trunk Show - July 2018

twisted yarns spring texas trunk show


Haus of Yarn Trunk Show - June 2018
*Note: Pet bed not part of display - just a cosy place for the shop's dog to hang out.*

haus of yarn tennessee trunk show

haus of yarn trunk show tennessee