Sweater Lots

This section is where you can find any available pre-orders for purchasing a sweater lot of any colorway+base combination. Not all bases are available for SQ dyeing at the same time.

If a base shows that it's sold out or if it's not shown, this is a list of approximately when that base will be available for SQ purchasing. Most pre-orders will be open 10-14 days.

Anji Sock - Starting August 29.
Basic Sock - Starting August 29.
Bayou Sock - Starting July 24.
Squish Sock - Starting May 31.
Jazz Sock - Starting June 22.
Pure Single - Starting May 31.
Twisty Sport - Starting June 22.
Polwarth DK - Starting August 29.
Ultra DK - Starting July 24.
Soft Kitty DK - Starting July 24.
Basic Worsted - Starting September 25th.

Basic Aran - Starting September 25th.

Basic Sport - Starting June 22.

Sorry, there are no products in this collection