New System - New Features!

New System - New Features!

Welcome! I just want to take a little time to highlight some of the new features that come along with our new platform.

The biggest, and most exciting one is the ability to create an customer account to track your orders. Now, it's important to realize that if you placed an order prior to the new platform going live, you won't be able to view those orders, with one exception. If you have a current open order placed after April 1st that wasn't shipped before April 24th, you will have received an email containing information with how you'll be able to see that order in our new system. 

The second major thing that comes with the new platform is the ability to receive store credit on your account when you redeem your loyalty cards, this means that once we receive your card, we'll apply that credit within 5 business days of receiving it and you'll get an email once we do to let you know that you can spend your credit! 

During this change-over, we moved our main product offering away from dye to order to ready to ship inventory. This basically means that the majority of what you see in stock is what is available to purchase and it will ship out to you within 3-5 business days.

There are minor exceptions to this, including yarn clubs and the monthly mystery colorways, which are available for a short time each, with limited supply, and are all dyed after the ordering period closes.

For the current time, Mini Skeins, which are currently available only in our tonal/semi-solid colorway line are also listed as dye to order, but these ship just as quickly as our ready to ship stock, because we do keep a substantial amount of these already dyed and we dye new batches each week.