Important Shop Changes & Updates - JULY

Important Shop Changes & Updates - JULY

It took me a long time to make the decision to implement these changes, but it's time. We're saying goodbye to a few bases and I'm acknowledging finally that my costs have increased. Over the last year, several of the yarn bases I use have increased in cost and I've been eating that cost for quite some time, but it's not sustainable for me to continue this. For that reason, some bases will be increasing by $1-4/skein. Some newer bases won't increase at all, and some bases are being discontinued (for being too similar to another base or being extremely unpopular, etc.)

Here's the lowdown on the discontinued bases. All of what is in stock for these bases will STAY the price they are, even if a similar base that we're keeping goes up. There's no reason to increase the price on something we aren't going to continue keeping around, that seems silly. What is in stock now, is all there is (with the exception if I have some that is undyed, it will be dyed and added to the site.) I won't buy more of those bases and I won't take custom SQ orders on those bases. If a retail shop/stockist has some on hand, they will be able to clearance it to their liking if they wish. 

Discontinued Bases:
Sparkle Sock, Basic DK, Super Sock, Basic Worsted

Please note that Basic DK is replaced by Ultra DK and our Squish Sock base is being kept in favor of the very similar Super Sock. There's no replacement for Basic Worsted. Our new base Jazz Sock, which contains lurex sparkle is replacing Sparkle Sock (which contains stellina sparkle.)

New Bases:
Jazz Sock (75/20/5 Merino/Nylon/Lurex)
Soft Kitty DK (80/10/10 MCN DK)
Anji Sock (80/20 Merino/Bamboo)

Price Increases: 
These will go into effect on July 17th. 

Shop "Vacation":
My family is travelling from July 17-July 24. The shop will remain open. All outstanding orders during those days will ship on or before July 26. 

Shop Update:
I will update the shop on July 16th in the morning before we leave (and early morning orders will ship same-day! YES - this IS before the price increase) This update WILL include a small amount of Anji Sock. The next update, scheduled for August 4th, will include more Anji Sock and Jazz Sock.