2021 Knit & Crochet Along

2021 Knit & Crochet Along

It's almost the end of 2020, and while that is a major relief for so many when this year has brought amazing challenges to the world and devastated the lives of millions of people, it's hard to feel optimistic for a future when we know there are still challenges we will face.

I wanted to set up a make along for the knitters and crocheters in our community that would be a little less strict than most yarn brand hosted events, because while marketing says I should promote my brand, the humanist in me wants to just find a way to bring people together in a way that allows us to respect the space of those who deserve it most and honor each other and ourselves.

So, the rules are simple.

Each month you can submit a finished project to this KCAL (knit & crochet along) and there are few requirements.

  • Your project should be started no earlier than the beginning of the month, and should be submitted no later than the 1st of the following month. So for January, the submission date is 11:59 p.m. Central Time on February 1st. Ideally you'd finish knitting it in January and have time to submit it on February 1st. You have the full month to knit or crochet and a day extra to turn in your work!
  • You should use whatever yarn works best for your project, I want you to be satisfied with your work! If you want to crochet a stuffie with Loops & Threads Impeccable that's just fine! If you'd like to knit a thousand yard shawl with Lolabean Yarn Co., that's a wonderful idea! Maybe you'll knit an entire sweater with WestWool. Or maybe you'll knit a pair of mittens with some Shipwrecked Sheep. It's up to you. 
  • You should use at least 150 yards/137 meters of your chosen yarn in your project.

I'm going to make sure we have a little inspiration along the way. There will be a blog post at the start of each month (ideally going up the day before) to give you some inspiration with patterns, yarns, and spread some love to makers who are selling yarn craft related goods. I will make a point to showcase black makers and other makers of color, but will consider promoting anyone who is running a small business with integrity. We here believe black lives matter, indigenous lives matter, trans lives matter, and other similar principles. I hold all our community to those standards. All lives can't matter until those lives that are genuinely oppressed matter to all. 

What's in it for you?

Well, besides just the joy of participating in something collectively, there are prizes and gifts along the way.

  • Each month you submit a project, you'll be entered to win that month's giveaway. The prize might be yarn, a project bag, a pattern book or ebook, a gift card to an online yarn shop or your LYS, etc.
  • When you've submitted for three months in a row, you'll be automatically given a special gift pack from us. There will be four total gift packs available, one for 3 month participants, 6 month participants, 9 month participants, and 12 month participants. Gifts packs will include custom made notions, exclusive yarns, notions bags, and other goodies from Shipwrecked Sheep and a curated selection of other maker brands.

What about prize and gift shipping, do I qualify if I don't live in your country?
As long as there are no major issues with shipping to your country, you can play along. I hope to be able to sponsor the cost of prizes and shipping those prizes. Some other makers have offered to send prizes to me for this make a long and I will happily purchase all the rest. 

There is no cost to you to participate, I promise you don't have to order yarn from me to play, there's no entry fee, etc. While it's very much appreciated when you do use my yarn or knit my patterns, I find that this is an opportunity to give back and not just receive. In reality, my hope is that the business side of things will help support the fun side of things, without making everyone place an order before they can join. Work with your stash in whatever way is best for you.

On that note though, I want to make it clear that I do *not* consider other brands to be selfish or self serving by only promoting their work. We all walk in different shoes and live different lives. What I choose for me doesn't work for everyone and we won't judge or put down small businesses who have knit alongs for their brand, we can just participate in both! Feel free to "double dip" and submit your project for any other event that it qualifies for!

If there's anything I forgot, I'll add it in a future blog post and link it below here (which I consider to be the main post for this event) to keep it all in one place.

How to Enter:

It is asked that you register in advance for this KCAL. The deadline is two days prior to the beginning of the first month you want to join. (December 30, 2020 for January) However, especially for the first couple months, if you aren't registered before the beginning, you will still be able to during the first week. You only have to register one time for the entire year, not every month.

You'll register with this Google Form.

When it's time to enter your project each month, you'll visit the entry form to submit your project, there you can include links to your social media if you've shared your project there during the month and we can share your post/project in our monthly project share. You can also use #SS2021KCAL on Instagram if you wish!

Only one project/entry per person each month will be counted toward the monthly giveaway. Winners will be contacted privately via email after they're drawn during the first week of the following month and will be announced on Instagram with the winner's permission. 

All Instagram communication with be at Shipwrecked Sheep.

If you have a question, please let me know either in the registration form or via email. I'd like to recommend having info@shipwreckedsheep.com added to your allow list on your email if you are going to participate so that you don't miss any announcements or messages about your prizes.

Resources & Links:

Registration (One Time)

Enter Your Finished Project (Each Month - Opens 10th of the month)

January Inspiration Blog 



Questions & Answers will be added here as they come up.

Q: I can crochet or knit anything with ANY yarn within a month? (yes, this really was asked already)

A: I really mean it. Any yarn. This isn't a ploy. There's no hidden catch or secret. Really I promise. Any yarn. Even yarn you hate by a dyer that has said transphobic or racist shit, you gotta use that stuff up sometime. (Although I'm going to be a lot less likely to share your social media post if it seems to promote that racist transphobic brand.)

Q: My mom and I live in the same house, if she wanted to sign up too would she be allowed or is it one person per household?

A: Absolutely! While it's possible in the future that this might be a restriction, I don't see any reason right now to make a rule against this. So yes, the answer is you may have more than one person in a household register for the KCAL, just make sure you're both registered with the link above. I guess I would ask that you use separate emails to register!

Q: Will there be a theme or topic to follow? I'm not sure what to make each month!

A: There won't be a specific topic, theme, or pattern *however* I did plan for there to be some amount of "crafters block" so each month there will be a dedicated blog post to share ideas and inspiration which will be also included in an email to all participants! 

Q: I'll be moving in May or June (or insert any month here) how do I contact you to update my address?

A: If you'd like to directly contact me, you can email me at info@shipwreckedsheep.com. Generally speaking the plan is to always email winners/participants prior to mailing prizes to confirm addresses. This is to help prevent issues that might arise due to typing errors, but also to help folks like yourself that might move mid-year.